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Flexible Packaging aluminum foil overview :

Place of origin :SHANDONG ,CHINA    

Brand name : Haichang Haoxin

Material :   Aluminum                   

Thickness :  0.006-0.009mm

Alloy state:1235/8079                  Density :2.7g/m³

Width :300-1600mm(Customized according to customer requirements)       

Length : 12000m(Customized according to customer requirements)  

Certificate : SGS            Application :flexible packaging

PACKING DETAILS :wooden frame suspended packaging

Date of delivery :within a month after receiving deposit

Port :Qingdao port

PAYMENT TERMS :50% as deposit before production ,50% pay before shipment



1.  Light weight, good metal luster and light avoidance, high reflectivity to heat and light, technical luster and reflectivity can improve the brightness of printing color.

 2. High barrier performance, strong protective, gas and water vapor impermeability, prevent moisture absorption, gasification, not vulnerable to bacteria and insects

 3. The shape stability is good, and is not affected by humidity change.

 4. Unable to bear force, no sealing and performance, there are pinholes and wrinkle phenomenon, so in general not used alone, usually with paper, plastic film processing into composite materials, overcome the shortcomings of no sealing, its advantages such as isolation are fully played. 

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